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Montreal is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. As Canada’s second-biggest city with just over 4 million residents, Montreal has become a major hub for commerce, art, culture and architecture. In fact, the city was named “Canada’s Cultural Capital” by Monocle Magazine and a UNESCO “City of Design”. Montreal also happens to be the second largest French speaking city in the entire world outside of Paris.

It is an incredibly “livable” city. You can walk just about everywhere, but when your feet get tired, you can rely on solid public transportation. The city is home to many wonderful art galleries in which you can spend an afternoon being inspired. There are also many public art installations throughout downtown and residential areas.

You can find moderately-priced multifamily homes in neighborhoods like Notre Dame de Grace and million-dollar luxury homes in Westmount. No matter what you’re in the market for, Montreal has it and we work diligently to find it!

Navigate the Montreal Real Estate Market

Buying and selling real estate can be incredibly exciting and financially rewarding. It can also be complicated, overwhelming and stressful! That’s why it’s important to have the right Real Estate Professional in your corner to help you navigate the market.

Samara Wigdor has been helping clients buy and sell real estate for over a decade. In addition to being competent, reliable and transparent, Samara has some special skills that gives her clients an advantage in buying or selling real estate. With a Bachelor’s degree in finance and information systems from McGill University, Samara possesses strong research capabilities, which allow her to gather critical data that helps her clients come negotiation time. For instance, Samara’s experience in the world of finance helps her clients better understand the expenses they are about to face and whether they are making the best financial decision for their particular situation. Her information system knowledge helps her to market properties for sellers and find the best properties for buyers. Both skillsets allow her to educate her clients on current market conditions.

Samara is also able to find homes for clients that are not currently on the market, cutting out the competition and giving her clients a competitive edge.

Samara and her team go above and beyond to make each transaction go as smoothly as possible for her clients and provide guidance in areas where most agents don’t. For instance, with her seller clients, she assists with staging and prepping the home. She also uses every marketing channel she can to promote the property, including print and online, and leverages professional photos and video if needed.

In addition, you can count on Samara and her team to organize all necessary appointments and paperwork, leaving you stress free! If you are currently shopping for a new home or condo, spend some time looking through Samara’s listings where you’ll find:

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Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? Don't worry. Simply reach out to Samara today. She is one of a few real estate agents who are able to find Montreal properties for sale that are currently not on the market. Looking to sell your home or condo? Samara will help you get your property ready so it can be shown in its best light and also connect you with the right buyers who are looking for exactly what you have. In this way, she can help sellers get top dollar for their property, in the shortest amount of time.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, seasoned investor or seller, Samara and her team are here to help you reach your financial goals.